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transplanted for granted
  • Photo © Mirei Takeuchi
  • Past exhibition

    for granted

    22.11.2012 - 22.12.2012

    Opening: 21.11.2012
    from 18:00 to 21:00

    Group exhibition
    Nicole Beck
    Melanie Isverding
    Despo Sophocleous

    Photo © Mirei Takeuchi


    Since the 1990s contemporary art jewellers are more and more in favour of unconventional ways to present their work of art. This is certainly the case for Melanie Isverding, Despo Sophocleous and Nicole Beck, three artists from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, who are expressing together their jewellery language in an installation "slanted" first in Munich and now "transplanted" in Brussels.

    Their first installation "slanted for granted" in Munich created for their art work an adapted context based on directions other than the traditional horizontal or vertical.

    Objects evolve in another space presented on slanting grey V shape boards. This is taken for granted, this is how things are and away from the showcases.

    As part of their concept, visitors are also invited to interact with the installation and space. This dynamic alternative and fresh way compliments their work as a group and encourages the viewer to investigate a little bit further. And now, wishing to transplant their exhibition in Brussels they come with an additional interesting concept. Indeed, they do not replicate the elementary structure, but import the original material, build it differently according to the new space and hence suggesting a new dialogue with their work.

    With this new presentation, "transplanted for granted" is a group exhibition where lightness and strong contemporary art jewellery works come together.