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Nicole Beck

Nicole Beck

Looking to her work we may notice multiple photos but once well articulated artistically they all carry new meanings for the viewers, as does the playfulness to the all-around approach and presentation of her group exhibition, allowing the space for one's imagination to take over.

"Old family photos, as well as recent photos are a significant part of my work. Everyone has a family, a story and an album with photos from the past, but there are always new impressions and experiences in our lives which can add to these. Usually one element of a photo inspires me and becomes the starting point of a piece. By digitally working with these photos, my goal is to alter the personal meaning of the image and to create a new vocabulary. Once the transferred image is on fabric or metal

it becomes a new material which I can work with in an intuitive way. Also, working in multiples allows me to build new images which form an open space and carry a new meaning for the viewer."

This German artist has studied jewellery and everyday objects at the University of Pforzheim, Design Department (DE). Since 2007 she is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (De) under the direction of Prof. Otto Künzli and is now appointed as master student of Professor Otto Künzli.

Past exhibition
transplanted for granted
from 22.11.2012 to 22.12.2012.

Group exhibition
Nicole Beck
Melanie Isverding
Despo Sophocleous