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Despo Sophocleous

Despo Sopho

Looking to her work we may notice identical wooden and copper elements but once well articulated artistically they all carry new meanings for the viewers, as does the playfulness to the all-around approach and presentation of her group exhibition, allowing the space for one's imagination to take over.

Despo Sophocleous’s constructions create an effective system of movement between all the elements and raise the question of balance. Architecture, maps, as well as movement are sources of inspiration in the development of her work.

This Canadian artist, who first studied

Philosopy and Anthropology went on to study and complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia (CA) in 2008. Since this time she has been living and studying in Munich at the Academy of Fine Arts, under the direction of Prof. Otto Künzli.

Since 2005 Despo Sophocleous won numerous awards and scholarships and won the Herbert Hofmann Preis in 2012.

Past exhibition
transplanted for granted
from 22.11.2012 to 22.12.2012.

Group exhibition
Despo Sophocleous
Nicole Beck
Melanie Isverding