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Patrick Marchal

Patrick Marchal

Patrick Marchal is a visual artist, politically aware with a sharp sense of humour. A goldsmith highly experienced in assembly techniques, he mixes hard and lighter components, taking them from the familiar sources we all know. His meticulours pieces are full of meaning and personality.

Patrick Marchal's strong artistic language makes us think about our social and political environment, the very same surroundings which feed his work. His mini-sculptures, coloured with great craftsmanship and precision, are designed to get a smile and a reaction from us to some serious topics which have emerged from the beginning of this century.

With Patrick Marchal's jewels, the metal or steel becomes base, bomb, X. The inherent tension is visible. Therefore it is not only a questioning of the apparent image but more profoundly the re-evaluation of his apparition and acceptance in the world.

Jewellery as a tension by its very nature. High density, capabilities to be manipulated or not, all state of the art compositions for personal commitment.

Born in 1968, in Brussels, from 1989 to 1992 he studied at the IATA Jewellery School in Namur, Belgium, contemporary jewellery with Bernard François at Gallery Neon, in Brussels and at Les Ateliers de Fontblanche in Nîmes, France.

He won mention and awards in Belgium French Community Sculpture competition, in 1995, and the International Art Competition for Modern Jewellery Design, in Helsinki, in 1996. The international recognition conferred by this prize opened the doors for exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia, France, Spain, US, Italy, Luxembourg, Japan, Portugal.

He also participated in 2009 at the Schmuck Munich's International Trades and crafts fair.

Website: patrickmarchal.blogspot.com

Past exhibitions

Patrick Marchal
"It is not because you AA"
18.11.2011 - 07.01.2012

European Triennial
for Contemporary Jewellery

25.10.2014 - 28.12.2014