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Union (Nelly Van Oost), photo: Jose Bravo

Past exhibition

vander A Contemporary Art Jewellery in collaboration with Louise DS Galerie

Rencontre at Louise DS Galerie

The act of bringing contemporary jewellery creator Nelly Van Oost and photographer Jose Bravo together with visual artist Jacques Verdier constitutes a Meeting. For Nelly and Jose it is also a Response, the outcome of their artistic search across our day-to-day living spaces, which are themselves rife with meetings. To these two, photography is both a tool and a response, emphasising the experience of relationships.

As a critical, self-reflexive practice, contemporary jewellery tends to shed the notion of preciousness and to constantly question the body as both subject and limit. Through her sculptural, expansionist language, Nelly pursues a relational aesthetic and pushes back a little further the limits that she has already explored.

How can the impalpable be rendered? How can it be given form? To her, it is just meetings, moments, situations – not yet thoughts. Offloading and forgetting about the camera...

Jose Bravo
Photo: Jose Bravo

Photo: Jose Bravo

To him, it is about capturing the essence of these connections. Following that essence, watching it, studying its behaviour, photographing it. So Jose’s snapshots help Nelly to shape the immaterial. To create forms that are both ethereal and weighted. Then to offload again and forget about...

In response to this exchange, which began in 2011, she uses connective pieces, tailored to live models, as symbols of linkage to the vessels of our intimate universes. When worn, these pieces reveal their full meaning: the alchemy of meetings, as gold glistens when it comes into contact with others.

from 10 to 26 October 2014
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
from 11:00 to 19:00

Friday 10 October at 18:00

Louise DS Galerie
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