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Anja Eichler

Anja Eichler

The recent artworks from Anja Eichler, a German Artist who lives and works in Shanghai, are the witnesses of her audio and visual impressions coming from this megapole.

For the solo exhibition entitled "urbanauts" we will recognize her signature work gloves material but in more colourful compositions showing the hollows of the waves and furrows as many urban channels, navigating and discovering such a different land.

Close to the living ones, Anja’s wearable jewels submit us to mysterious organic realities from deep oceans, lunar landscapes or embryonic elements that cling to the body, moving and breathing together.

We will easily embark in this universe thanks to Lise Vachon (Canadian choreographer and dancer established in Belgium), Laura Colmenares Guerra (Columbian/Spanish visual artist) and Todor Todoroff (Belgian Engineer - composer of electroacoustic music). These three confirmed artists, whose work based on body perception, will intensify the living materiality of the synthetic jewels.

Since 2000 Anja Eichler follows arts studies. While participating to various group exhibitions and workshops with Manuel Vilhena, Giovanni Corvaja,

Christoph Zellweger et Iris Eichenberg, she has followed the full time Alchimia programme from 2008 with professors Ruudt Peters, Peter Bauhuis, Lucia Masei and Doris Maninger and graduated in 2011. At the end of her studies, just before leaving to Shangai, Paul Derrez invited her as New Talent in Gallery RA, Amsterdam, where Françoise Vanderauwera met her.

Website: www.anjaeichler.com




Past exhibition
Anja Eichler
from 06.09.2012 to 06.10.2012


Laura Colmenares Guerra

Laura Colmenares Guerra

Laura Colmenares Guerra is a Colombian/Spanish visual artist based in Brussels. In 2002 she obtained a Masters degree in Audiovisual Media at Los Andes University in Bogota and in 2008 a Postgraduate Master in Transmedia Studies, Brussels.

In 2000 she started her career working as a VJ while developing both visual pieces and audiovisual immersive installations. Her creation is related to the practice of performance art; regardless of whether it is herself or the audience that intervene in it.

Either way, she creates an atmosphere that leads the visitor to be involved in and with the artwork.

Over the past decade Laura has made a career out of developing personaland collaborative projects in the field of media art. Laura has been commissioned to produce video works for The Flanders Fields Museum in Iper-Belgium, by the Natural Science Museum in Brussels and by the Brussels Parliament for its 20th anniversary, between others.

Website: www.ulara.org

Lise Vachon

Lise Vachon

Lise Vachon was born in Canada and studied dance in Montreal and Toronto.

She moved to Belgium in 1997 to attend PARTS, the school of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and graduated in 2000.

She then worked as a dancer and as an assistant with Arco Renz Anne Tersa De Keersmaeker, Michèle Noiret et Marc Vanrunxt. She has also assisted choreographers in opera staging at La Monnaie/de Munt in Brussels, L’Opéra de Paris and at La Scala in Milan.

She choregraphed "Conversation avec un jeune homme" from Anges Limbos and for others theatre creations. She creates participative dances for a wider public in the context of the "Bal moderne".

She is also developing her personal approach to teaching contemporary dance. In 2008, she has created and performed her own solo entitled Bliss, in June 2011 has presented her creation Sliding, and more recently Zones in Festival D at Théâtre Marni, Brussels. Her choregrapher work is well-known in Belgium and abroad.

Contact: vachonlise@gmail.com

Todor Todoroff

Todor Todoroff

Todor Todoroff: Electrical Engineer, First Prize and Higher Degree in Electroacoustic Composition in the Conservatories of Brussels and Mons. After research in the field of speech processing at the Free University of Brussels, he was during 5 years head of the Computer Music Research at the Polytechnic Faculty in Mons. He developed at ARTeM interactive systems for composers, musicians, dancers and installations and is currently researcher at the Numediart Institute at UMons and teacher at ESAPV (Ecole Supérieure des Arts Plastiques et Visuels).

Following his interest in the dialogue between electroacoustic music and other art forms, he composes for video, film, theatre, contemporary dance, most notably through his collaboration with Belgian choreographer Michèle Noiret on eleven dance performances since 1997, and for installations, often with other artists like Marie-Jo Lafontaine, FOAM, Fred Vaillant, Mario Benjamin and Laura Colmenares Guerra. He received commissions from IMEB, Paris Opera, Art Zoyd, Musiques Nouvelles, Festivaal van Vlaanderen, and ZKM.

Website: www.compositeurs.be