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1x1 Collective

1x1 Collective

1×1 Collective is a project born in Florence in 2010 to promote and diffuse contemporary art jewelry through exhibitions, fairs, and events.

It is an open and ever-changing collective of independent jewelry artists.

Artistic and technical research and the freedom of experimentation make the jewelry gain new functions and meanings.

For this exhibition at Vander A gallery in Brussels, they present 8 international artists, very different one from the other.

Margherita de Martino Norante (IT) and Eugenia Ingegno (IT) co-founders, Elinor de Spoelberch (BE), Youngbin Park (Korea), Marina Elenskaya (RU) (Talente price, Schmuck 2012, Munich), Eunjae Baek (Korea), Sungho Cho (Korea) and Yoko Shimizu(JP), all met in Alchimia school, Florence, wellknowned for its experimental jewellery and design schollarship.

1×1 Collective is open to collaborations, in the jewelry field as outside, to find new ways for showing original works to a wider public.

1×1 Collective changes its shape, leader and location following each project.

It is an informal group of people based on active involvement, cooperation and sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills for the common goal of understanding and being understood.

For this exhibition (June 2012) there is not a theme because they want to focus on each artist’s personal approach and research, they believe that each one’s individuality and autonomy is one of the strenght of contemporary art jewelry and that it gets highlighted through the free dialogue of a collective exhibition.

Website: www.1×1collective.com

Past exhibition
1x1 Collective
from 31.05.2012 to 30.06.2012.