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Jasbir Sandhu, Wearable Art Maps, from 05.07.2013 to 27.07.2013

Jasbir Sandhu

In 2012, during an exhibition "D’art et de corps" at WCC-BF World Craft Council in Mons Belgium; Singaporean born artist Jasbir Sandhu showed through her work an original interpretation of images of countries as contemporary calligraphy (association of the significance and written forms).

Her art work was noticed by the interior architect Jean-Loui De Ridder of AXIA sprl , and since then they have collaborated to launch a contemporary jewellery collection named J*S Just So.

More than the initials of her name, this collection portrays the multicultural origins of the artist through the countries she knows and loves most.

Jasbir's wearable works, depicts the outlines or satellite images of countries.They are finely cut out using laser technology and produced either as one-off pieces or in limited editions (the annual collection).

These elegant ornaments of identity, in stainless steel or in shining, matt or brushed precious metal, are sometimes enhanced with a diamond marking a city. The unmistakable lines of this refined jewellery immediately speak to us of the countries and cities that crisscross our lives and which hold such intimate value for us. We wear them and take ownership of them to signal our attachment to one country or another.

For instance, do the contours of the United Kingdom, when traced and worn by Jasbir who is of Singaporean origin, bear witness to the importance of this country to this artist?

Do they, de facto, appoint her as its ambassador?

For the visitors who come to the gallery on America’s Independence Day to deck themselves out in "Just So France" cufflinks or earrings, or in a bracelet that forever binds the North and South of Belgium, there will be as many confusing clues as there will be interpretations.

These days, everybody moves around and frontiers become blurred. July is a month of many national days and many journeys.

It is up to each of us to wear a part of what defines us. Here, we are in the presence of a universal theme and a very beautiful artistic idea.

The strong marriage of art and design turns them into flagships or relics of multiple identities that are as manifold as they are structuring and personal. Every world citizen needs them.


Past exhibition
Wearable Art Maps

from 05.07.2013
to 27.07.2013

Photo © Nicolas van Haaren